Looking Forward To 2011!

As 2010 comes to a close, the IAB is looking forward to it's true official launch date of February, 2011. Although the IAB enjoyed success in early sanctioning of 2010 with events for Badge VS Badge as well as some Pro and Amateur Sanctioning, the actual launch of the organization is slated for February 2011.

Badge VS Badge Promoter Gary Shurley and his Stand Up Fighters staff already have plans to keep the Badge VS Badge promotions going strong. With 2 successful promotions in 2010, Shurley will be moving forward in 2011 without former partner Tom Gaffney who has decided to venture out on his own.

Plans for Badge VS Badge in 2011 include Bryan Williams fighting for the IAB Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters USA Heavyweight Title against Casey Johnson from Oakland, California. One of Bryan's fighters Skye Leibee could also be fighting for an IAB State title. For more info on the Badge VS Badge events you can contact Gary Shurley at (916) 532-7065.

Also on the board for 2011 is the IAB's welcome to Australia. The first IAB bout in the South Pacific will be on February 26th. The event is the Thunderlegs Promotions "THUNDERZONE V" which will be held at the Eagle Farm Racecourse in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The event will feature Pro Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA. The IAB could be sanctioning an IAB Australian title bout along with a couple of undercard bouts.

As for the Pro side of the IAB, we can't say who but the IAB is currently in the works with a high profile Pro Boxing Promoter here in the USA. When the deal is done the IAB will be the first to announce it right here on the IAB Pages.

Stand up Fighters promoter Gary Shurley will also be a part of another of IAB's new amateur divisions. In 2011 Shurley hopes to promote the first IAB Military Championships in California. An actual date and location are still in the works but the buzz from those in the Military is already exploding with potential contenders for IAB Military titles.

There is a lot of Amateur boxing news to report and a lot of Amateur boxing going on sanctioned by the IAB, so we will report on that in the coming weeks. For now, the IAB is looking forward to a Great Holiday Season and a Great 2011.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18th, 2010, AT 8:00 PM/ PST


This past spring, 2010, the IAB launched into the boxing world and with it came an instant success. The official launch of the IAB is still not planned until February, 2011 when the IAB will be operating at full pace with both Amateur and Pro Boxing event sanctioning.

This past Spring the IAB was asked to launch early to help out the new IAB Badge VS Badge boxing division. The IAB Amateur Badge VS Badge program is set to host IAB Sanctioned events nationwide in 2011. The division is only open to law enforcement and fire fighters. Plans for the 2011 IAB Badge VS Badge season will be announced here soon.

The real surprise though for the IAB as a Boxing Sanctioning and Regulatory body has been the overwhelming response from Boxing fans around the world. How overwhelming? Well, since the site launch this past spring the IAB has been a welcome site to not only a load of Amateur Boxers here in the USA, but also to the Pro Boxers as well. So far the IAB has received sanctioning requests for both Professional and Amateur events from over 30 countries.
Along with the USA some of those other countries include, but are not limited to,

  1. Russian
  2. England
  3. Australia
  4. Poland
  5. Ireland
  6. Japan
  7. France
  8. Uruguay
  9. Belarus
  10. Thailand
  11. Trinidad and Tobago
  12. Seychelles
  13. Sweden
  14. New Zealand
  15. Germany
  16. Croatia
  17. Brazil
  18. Mexico
  19. Scotland
  20. South Africa
  21. Canada
  22. Israel
  23. Latvia
  24. Netherlands
  25. Romania
  26. Singapore
  27. Turkey and several more.

Yes, 2011 will be an exciting year for the IAB in both Pro and Amateur Boxing. If you are interested in being one of the first professional or amateur boxers to hold an IAB title, or if you are looking to promote an event and have the IAB regulate it or simply sanction some of your title fights, please contact the IAB at info@iabboxing.com to discuss your event needs and scheduling. Please type in put "IAB Sanctioning" in the subject line.

The IAB is also seeking representatives for all divisions here in the USA and other countries. If you would like to become one of the first IAB Representatives in your state, province, region or countries to be listed on the soon to be launched IAB Representatives page, please e-mail the IAB at info@iabboxing.com and put "IAB Representative" in the subject line.


Not To Be Forgotten At IAB!

In 2011 the new IAB Military division will be officially launched to compliment the IAB Badge VS Badge division... More news on this in the coming weeks...


IAB Takes
Beginners Boxing
A Step More.

As done with the IAB's sister organization for Kickboxing, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation (www.IKFKickboxing.com), the IAB Amateur Boxing program will soon be launching what is called, "IAB/Point Boxing©". This is for the "VERY NEW" beginner in the sport of Boxing and has already proven to be a great success in some trial events on some of the IKF Point Kickboxing (www.IKFPKB.com) events.

IAB/Point Boxing© is semi contact Boxing. There are no knockout outs allowed and it is done on a gym floor and not in a ring. Participants increase their accuracy, speed and improve their overall boxing techniques under this format. IAB/Point Boxing© is sure to be a great success as has been the IKFPoint Kickboxing program. More news on these events in the coming weeks..


Badge VS Badge

  • WHEN: 2011 - DATES & VENUE TBA
  • WHO: Stand Up Fighters
  • WHAT: IAB Amateur Boxing
    • Badge Vs. Badge - Law Enforcement And Firefighter Boxing

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 18th, 2010, AT 1:00 PM/ PST

Results From Phantom Promotions'
"Fight Night To The Mansion"
August 14th, 2010 - San Mateo, California, USA

Photos by Jon Swenson ( jon@sharkspage.com ) - www.sharkspage.com can be seen by clicking HERE.

    Dereck Leung, (San Francisco California, USA, 2-3, 135, 5'7", 11-9-81, Bunkerd Fairtex, (415) 571-0731) defeated Phil Devera, (San Jose, California, USA, 2-4/1, 137, 5'5", 8-23-77, Derek Yuen, (408) 605-0596) by Majority Decision, 28-28, 29-27 and 29-27.

    Gary Archuletta, (San Diego, California, USA, 6-2/1, 135, 5'7", 12-4-85, Alex Palma, (858) 549-6602) defeated Arturas Barkauska, (San Francisco California, USA, 5-4/2, 138, 5'8", 5-26-82, Jongsanan, (415) 777-5888) by Unanimous Decision, 29-27, 29-28 and 30-26.

    Anthony Gonzalez, (Dublin, California, USA, 4-0/3, 145, 5'8", 10-25-89, Kirian Fitzgibbons, (415) 308-0231) defeated Ryan Mazon, (San Diego, California, USA, 3-1/0, 146, 6', Fraky Chavez, (949) 903-2511) by Unaminous Decision, all 3 judges scoring it 30-26.

  4. IKF Super Lightweight West Coast Title
    Kristina Alvarez, (San Diego, California, USA, 4-1/2, 135, 5'8", 3-21-90, Alex Palma, (858) 549-6602) defeated Katie Toliao, (Dublin, California, USA, 4-2/1, 133, 5'6", 2-21-83, Kirian Fitzgibbons, (415) 308-0231) by Unanimous Decision, 39-35, 38-37 and 38-37.

    Kevin Arceo, (San Francisco, California, USA, 9-1, 149, 5'7", 3-2-82, Kru Sam, (415) 333-3496) defeated Sean Ueda, (San Diego, California, USA, 6-2/2, 144, 5'7", 2-6-80, Alex Palma, (858) 549-6602) by TKO due to Injury - (Torn Bicep), at 1:43 of round 1.

    Geoffrey Quares (Pleasenthill, California, USA, 1-0, 166) defeated Moses Lira (Chochilla, California, USA, 1-3, 169) by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:20 of round 2.

    Juan Hernandez (Redwood City, California, USA, 1-0, 194, 5'8") defeated Seth Keeling (Escondido, California, USA, P: 1-1, A: 10-1, 192, 6'3") by KO, at :22 seconds of round 1.

    Phil Baldacci (San Francisco, California, USA, 2-2, 145, 5'7") defeated Rene Gabaldons (Riverside, California, USA, 1-3, 145, 5'6") by TKO (Strikes), at 1:09 of round 2.

    Tristan Arenal (Milpitas, California, USA, 1-1, 155, Rudi Ott) defeated Josue Tirado (Fresno, California, USA, 1-1, 155) by KO at :17 seconds of round 1.

    AJ Fonseca (Roseville, California, USA, 5-3, 141, 5'4") defeated Joey De La Cruz (Lemore, California, USA, 1-3, 142, 5'8") by Unaminous Decision.

  11. IKF North American Super Welterweight Title *Defense
    *Skylr Penna (San Francisco, California, USA, 9-0/2, 150, 6', 4-28-89, Kru Sam (415) 333-3496) defeated Jon Pryor (Sacramento, California, USA, 5-3, 154, 5'6", 11-29-89, Cedric Robinson, (916) 424-5425) by Unaminous Decision, 49-46 on all 3 judges cards.
  12. IKF Amateur Muay Thai BantamweightWorld Title *Defense
    *Jenna Castillo (San Jose, California, USA 25-2/7, 122, 5'2", 5-5-82 Fairtex, (408) 512-0922) defeated Tiffany Van Soest (San Diego, California, USA, 9-1/4, 121, 5'7", 3-20-89, Alex Palma, (858) 549-6602, ) by Unaminous Decision, 50-44, 49-45 and 49-45.

SATURDAY, AUGUST 14th, 2010, AT 1:40 PM/ PST

Results From Stand Up Fighters'
Badge VS Badge
August 13th, 2010 - Sacramento, California, USA

Badge VS Badge
Ends With Yet ANOTHER

As if the last Badge VS Badge event wasn't exciting enough, this time, Promoters Tom Gaffney and Gary Shurley stepped it up another notch! The excited crowd of Boxing fans was treated to 15 dynamic bouts in all. Celebrity ring announcer Tony "The Tiger" Lopez was also in his groove along with his co-announcer DJ, Marc Storm of Destiny Entertainment working the DJ announcement booth. Stor was without a doubt, one of the best voices we have hear around the world and we highly recommend him for any fight event! ((888) 244-0580).

In the end, the event ended with a "Devastating KNOCKOUT!" It came in the Main Event bout as defending IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Heavyweight USA Champion Larry Ward, (22-1, CMF Prison) blasted Bryan Williams, (19-3, Fresno PD) with a left hook that rocked the world and sent Williams crumbling to the canvas. At 34 seconds of round one, this bout was over with a BANG! Word has it now that the 33 year old Ward may seek the Pro Ranks but this has yet to be fully confirmed.

In the other co-main event, it was the battle for the vacant IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Super Cruiserweight Title between Jesse Ruelas of the Stanislaus Sheriff department against James Dorris of Folsom PD. In round one, Ruelas shocked the crowd as he knocked the favored Dorris down. Making the count, the round continued but Ruelas took the round 10-8. Rounds 2 and 3 were all Dorris though who won on all the judges cards 10-9. However, as you do the math, that's right, this one ended in a draw. We may see these two go at it again to see who finally gets to take that IAB Gold Home!

Here's the entire nights results in order.

    Juan Luna, (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0/1, 160, 5'9", 12-9-78, Smashtime Boxing) defeated Will DaSilva, (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-1, 162, 5'6", 7-3-72, Wade Vierra (916) 642-3638 & Ray Romero (916) 865-8713) by Knockout at 1:58 of round 2.

    Greg Eisert, Vacaville PD, West Sacramento, California, USA, 2-1/2, 164, 5'8", 3-18-79, Dion Pimento, (916) 412-8838 defeated Miguel Archan, Fresno PD, (Fresno, California, USA, 1-2/0, 167, 5'9", 8-28-80, Jesse' Hernandez, (559) 347-4023) by Knockout at :26 seconds of round 1.

    Chris Miller, San Quentin Prison (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0/1, 182, 5'8", 8-1-83, Greg Huertha, (916) 718-2121) defeated Brandon Turner, Fresno PD (Fresno, California, USA, 0-1, 176, 5'11", 6-11-86, Jesse Hernandez, (559) 347-4023) by TKO at 54 seconds of round 2.

    Robert Tamayo, San Benito Probation (Santa Clara, California, USA, 1-0/0, 151, 5'11", 12-17-83, Self) defeated Gualberto Castro, San Quentin Prison, Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 155, 5'7", Need DOB, Javier Servin, (916) 798-7948 by unanimous decision, 30-26, 30-26 and 29-27.

    Cleon Jones, YCCOA (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0/1, 240, 6'1", 11-21-69, Self) defeated John Afanasiev, Stockton PD, Stockton, California, USA, 0-1, 246, 6'2", 8-9-77, Barry Oaks, (209) 470-8904) by TKO at 1:46 of round 1.

    Alfred Urbano, VA Fresno Police, Fresno, California, USA, 1-0/1, 196, 5'10", 1-17-83, Self) defeated Tony Veloz, Fresno Sheriff, Fresno, California, USA, 0-2, 192, 5'7", 9-1-72, Brian Williams, (559) 960-6410) Knockout at :04 seconds of round 3.

    James Tidwell, Sacramento Sheriff, Sacramento, California, USA, 1-1/0, 185, 5'7", 2-9-76, Nasser Niavaroni, (906) 782-4757 defeated Duke Juanitas, Folsom Prison, Folsom, California, USA, 0-1, 205, 5'6", 5-7-80, Shon Moore, (916) 439-0309) by unanimous decision.
    Skye Leibee, Fresno PD, 2-1/1, Fresno, California, USA, 2-1/1, 175, 5'9", 10-29-73, Bryan Williams (559) 960-6410, Pete Lopes (559) 321-5501) defeated Dennis Vargas, San Joaquin Police, Elk Grove, California, USA, 3-3/0, 167, 5'9", 7-18-86, Marcus Reaves & Steve Leese, (916) 505-2664) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    TJ Price, Sacramento Police, Plumas, Lake, California, USA, 1-0/1, 225, 6'3", 2-12-79, Alex Calvillo, (916) 715, 3647) defeated Matt Rooney, Lake County Probation, Lakeport, Caliofrina, USA, 0-1, 228, 6', 12-23-85, Aaron Johnson, (707) 245-5682) by TKO at 1:20 of round 3.

    Bryan Swindler, (Lincoln, California, USA, 2-0/1, 178, 5'9", 6-4-56, Nasser Niavaroni, (916) 606-3245) defeated Rick Bryson, (Folsom, California, USA, 3-4/0, 186, 5'10", 1954, Shon Moore, (916) 439-0309) by TKO at :24 seconds of round 3.

    Sonny Gerber, Grover Beach Police, Grover Beach, California, USA, 3-1/0, 193, 6', 5-11-77, Eric Sondahl, (702) 480-7128) defeated James Davis, Folsom Prison, Sacramento, California, USA, 1-1/0, 188, 5'10", 2-22-82, Roy Gray, (916) 967-4998) by unanimous decision, 30-27, 29-28 & 29-28.

    Chad "Don't Make Me Mad" Nelson, Folsom Prison, Placerville, California, USA, 2-1/1, 265, 6'2", Rick Bryson, (916) 933-0366) defeated Anthony Dodge, CDC Susanville, Susanville, California, USA, 2-2, 281, 6'2", 5-22-73, Self) by Knockout at :29 seconds of round 1.

    Adam Zamudio, Fresno Sheriff, Fresno, California, USA, 1-0/1, 225, 6', 9-7-76, Matt Griess, (559) 892-8838) defeated Michael Heller, Sacramento County Sheriff, Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 227, 5'11", 2-5-72, Mark Matthews, (916) 533-6002) by TKO at :30 seconds of round 1.

  14. IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Super Cruiserweight USA Title
    190.1 lbs. - 210 lbs.

    James Dorris, Stanislaus Sheriff, Ione, California, USA, 15-5-1/9, 194, 6', NEED DOB, Shon Moore, (916) 439-0309) and Jesse Ruelas, Folsom PD, (Modesto, California, USA, *1-0-1/0, 209, 5'10", 1-19-75, Paul Mendoza, (209) 480-1060)) fought to a draw, 28-28 on all 3 judges cards.

  15. IAB Badge VS Badge Amateur Heavyweight USA Title *Defense
    210.1 lbs. - 230 lbs.

    *Larry Ward, CMF Prison Guard, (Sacramento, California, USA, 23-1/19, 213, 6'2", 10-26-76, Greg Huerta, 9916) 402-4245) successfully defends his IAB Badge VS Badge Title over Bryan Willams, Fresno PD, (Fresno, California, USA, 19-3/7, 211, 6'1", 1-25-71, Peter Lopes, (559) 321-5501) by Knockout at 34 seconds of round 1.

After this last event, we can't wait until the next IAB Badge VS Badge event!
"Bring It On Tom & Gary!
"Bring It On"


Phantom Promotions Presents
"Fight Night To The Mansion"
San Mateo, California, USA

  • WHEN
    Saturday, August 14th, 2010

  • WHO
    Phantom Promotions

    San Mateo, California, USA

  • WHAT
    IKF Amateur Muay Thai
    IAB Pro Boxing
    ISCF Pro MMA.

  • IKF Representative
    Steve Fossum & Jeff Foley

  • Event Officials
    All Other Event Officials Appointed By The California State Athletic Commission.

    Mr. Brian Schwartz at (650) 218-8683 or at brian@undisputedboxinggym.com

FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th, 2010, AT 10:00 AM/ PST


Stand Up Fighters Presents
Badge VS Badge
Sacramento, California, USA

THURSDAY, AUGUST 12th, 2010, 7:00 PM/PST

It's All About The BELT BABY!

TUESDAY, JULY 6th, 2010, 11:55 PM/PST


First Event Under New Leadership September 18th!

Everyone here is looking forward to the new launch of the IKF South Pacific Team, more notably, Australia.

Already, new IAB - IKF & ISCF Promoter and kickboxing Champion Darren Finn (Right) of Inverell, Queensland, Australia has his next event booked down under this coming September 18th at the Inverell Town Hall in Inverell, Australia. Finn plans to take full advantage of the new opportunities as he himself will be fighting for the vacant IKF Pro Full Contact Rules Australian Welterweight Title against Mursi Nersay of Queensland.

However, Finn has additional plans outside the IKF in Australia as he will be the first Promoter in Australia to host one of the new IAB (International Amateur Boxing) Titles on the same event. In this bout Finn will feature well known Australian Amateur boxer John Berger who will face off against an opponent yet to be confirmed. Additional bouts will be fought under ISCF MMA Sanctioning making his event a "Triple Crown" of the International Fight Sports brand.

All in all the event will feature a total of 10 bouts in the disciplines of MMA, Kickboxing & Boxing. For more info on Mr. Finn's September event you can reach him at 61-40-179-4494 (International) (040) 179-4494 (Local) or by e-mail at finny79@live.com.au

As Finn gets things kicked off in all 3 rule styles, IKF South Pacific Representative Robert Wilesmith (Above Left) continues to build his South Pacific Team. Leading the way in New South Wales will be two individuals with vast martial arts experience. Zaya Zaya (Left) of TCB Martial Arts Australian MMA Sports is also the Vice President of the Australian Federation of Pankration Athlima. Zaya has over 16 years of Martial Arts experience. He is a 5th Degree Black Belt TCB Martial Arts, a 4th Degree Red Sash CWKD Kung Fu and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Pankration.

Zaya's main focus will be in building ISCF MMA in Australia but will also be building IKF Kickboxing and IAB Boxing. He will be associated with Sid Anyaky, (Right) also of New South Wales. Both have been appointed Australian Representative in the State of NSW for IKF Kickboxing, ISCF MMA and IAB Boxing.

For more info about the South pacific team please contact Mr. Robert Wilesmith of Queensland, Australia at 0416471511 (Local) or 61-41-647-1511 (International) or by e-mail at ikfaustralia@hotmail.com

MONDAY, JUNE 28th, 2010, 11:55 PM/PST

Badge VS Badge
Getting BIGGER!

Next Event To Feature "6" IAB Title Bouts!

There's a saying in politics... "Any Press is Good press!" that saying could not be more true for the promotions "Badge VS Badge" out of Sacramento, California. Following on the heels of the Nationwide press created from an incident involving some officers from the Oakland Police Department at their first event, the "Badge VS Badge" promotion has become a well known name, not to mention, a well respected one as well.

If there was ever an issue with the identity of the event, that issue is no more. Being the first ever officially sanctioned Law Enforcement event has truly helped the participation for "Badge VS Badge". What was once a mixture of Fire Fighters and Law Enforcement guys fighting their hearts out for a medal, has now become a more serious and proud goal, to be an IAB "Badge VS Badge" Champion and Belt Holder!

As many in the fight game will tell you, 'It's all about the BELT Baby! It's All About the BELT!" The IAB has filled that void for the "Badge VS Badge" Promotion with the help in creating legitimate Champions under the IAB Banner. This is no longer just an event with Law Enforcement and Fire Fighters. This is an event that is here to stay and will build legitimate Amateur Boxing Champions for years to come.

Here are the IAB "Badge VS Badge" Title fights set for their next promotion on August 13th at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California, USA.

  1. IAB Badge VS Badge Super Welterweight California Title
    147.1 lbs. - 154 lbs.

    Will DaSilva (Yolo County Sheriff) VS Wes Leffler (Ravendale Fire)

  2. IAB Badge VS Badge Light Heavyweight California Title
    168.1 lbs - 175 lbs.

    Skye Leibee (Fresno PD) VS Dennis Vargas (San Juaquin PD)

  3. IAB Badge VS Badge Super Cruiserweight California Title
    190.1 lbs. - 210 lbs.

    James Davis (Folsom Prison) VS Sonny Gerber (Grover Beach PD)

  4. IAB Badge VS Badge Super Middleweight USA Title *Defense
    160.1 lbs. - 168 lbs.

    *Shay Burke (Petaluma Fire) VS Ricky Seward (Big Bear City Fire)

  5. IAB Badge VS Badge Super Cruiserweight USA Title
    190.1 lbs. - 210 lbs.

    James Dorris (15-4, Folsom PD) VS Joe Eyerman (9-5, Folsom Prison)

  6. IAB Badge VS Badge Heavyweight USA Title *Defense
    210.1 lbs. - 230 lbs.

    *Larry Ward (21-1, CMF) VS Bryan Willams (19-2, Fresno PD)



And Possibly Overlooked Because of Reckless Individuals..

For those who might have missed it, on Friday, May 21st, 2010, Stand Up Fighters hosted the first ever IAB Sanctioned event at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California, USA. Following the event was plenty of press about three individuals who were anything but responsible for who they were and what they represented. Although the incident brought nationwide attention to the event and the IAB, (Being featured on CNN, ESPN and other large networks and cable channels not to mention thousands of web sites, including boxrec.com) the fact is, there was no bad press about the Promoters or the IAB leaving all of us here saying, "Any Press is Good press!"

However, what some may have overlooked was that there was IAB History made on the 15th bout of this night. Sacramento Sheriff Officer, Chuck Pfau of Citrus Heights California (4-0, 186, 5'11", 39, Sacramento Sheriffs Department) took home the first ever IAB Title Belt.

Pfau took home the IAB California State Cruiserweight Title when he defeated Sonny Gerber of Pismo Beach, California (188, 6', 33, Grover Beach Police Department) by TKO at :33 seconds of round 2.

As mentioned in the event results article below, Pfau's trainer Nasser Niavaroni is no mystery to the International Fight Sports Kickboxing division, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation. Navaroni has been an IKF Hall of Fame trainer (1996) and has produced a vast number of IKF Kickboxing Champions.

The most popular of them was Eric Regan of Citrus Heights California who won a host of Kickboxing Titles (World Champion, North American Champion, US Champion, California Champion) as well as Boxing Titles.

Both Niavaroni and Regan were in Pfau's corner bringing him to victory.

All of us here at the IAB would like to send out a special
To the FIRST of Many IAB Champions to come.

No matter what happens from here on forward Chuck, you can tell the rest,

"You can accomplish all you want within the IAB, and you can always be Next...but there can only be ONE FIRST!

At right, IAB President Steve Fossum with the first ever IAB Champion Chuck Pfau!

MONDAY, MAY 24th, 2010, 11:30: PM/PST


IAB Is Awaiting Identification By Public And Or Oakland Police Department
For Incident At Last Months IAB Sanctioned Badge Vs Badge Event...

The individual above is the one who first rushed the ring towards amateur Boxer Larry Ward at last months IAB sanctioned event at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California. In the full video he was stopped just short of ringside by others, yet still struggled to get away from them.

Individual number 1 above was the most disruptive of the night. He was singled out on the night and asked to stop his actions over and over again, yet he not only ignored those trying to stop him but also cursed strongly at the event promoter who tried to calm him down. Some have said that he physically pushed others as he tried to start fights with several others. This individual was the one who without a doubt acted as if he was "Above the law" and is the main one the IAB is targeting for his actions and clear disrespect of authority.

Individual number 2 above was the 3rd person who was keeping the argument going and backed up individual number 1 in this same photo.

The IAB is now awaiting a reply from Oakland Police Department ( OPD )as to the identification of these three individuals. If OPD claims none of them are from their force, the investigation will move in a different direction. However, if 1 or all 3 are from OPD, the IAB will wait to see what kind of disciplinary actions will be taken by them towards these individuals.



Mark your calendars everyone because the next IAB Sanctioned Badge Vs Badge event has been confirmed for Friday, August 13th at the Radisson in Sacramento, CA. The event will feature 3 IAB Badge Vs Badge USA title bouts and 2 IAB Badge Vs Badge State title bouts.




Despite the negative attacks from those associated with USA Boxing and their attempt to have the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissions) put a halt to the growth of the IAB, yet another state (Kansas) has now approved the IAB to sanction Amateur Boxing. It's clear that the public seems to have the last word on this. So far the IAB has been accepted and or approved to sanction Amateur Boxing in 32 States and more will surly follow.

The IAB is also set to launch in the United Kingdom (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) later this summer. Promoters over there are excited to start hosting bouts between fighters from North America and the United Kingdom for international bouts.

There will be some states true to just USA Boxing, however, from what IAB Officials have discovered, more people want another option other than USA Boxing and the IAB is delivering just that. Look for more and more IAB growth as the months go. One thing is clear, the IAB has been widely accepted as a fresh and exciting new opportunity to Amateur Boxers everywhere and when the IAB Pro Division launches, that growth will move even faster.

TUESDAY, MAY 25th, 2010, 11:50: PM/PST

IAB Officials Confirm More...

Yesterday the IAB reviewed several video tapes that had various angles of the incident that occurred at the IAB Sanctioned "Badge vs Badge" event this past Friday at the Radisson Hotel in Sacramento, California. From this viewing the IAB made the decision to first lift the sanctioned ban on any member of the Oakland Police Department from competing on any future IAB Sanctioned events. From this, the IAB has now centered their attention to three individuals witnessed on the video tape that were clearly the ones involved in Friday nights incident.

After close review, The IAB has also reconfirmed several things yet again;

  1. There were "NO" Punches thrown.
  2. NO CHAIRS were thrown towards the incident. One chair was tossed AWAY from the center of the action as an individual tried to clear his way towards the action to stop it.
  3. This incident was NO FAULT of the event Promoters.
    If anything, the event promoters went above and beyond to assure this event had the proper sanctioning (IAB) and oversight for the rules and regulations (California State Athletic Commission) as well as the security required by the venue.

This being said, if ANYONE still claims to have this so called "Mystery Footage" of someone, anyone throwing a single punch, not only would the IAB love to see it but so would the Oakland Police Department and the Sacramento Police Department. However, so far, this claimed footage seems to be a hidden mystery. "If such footage exists, we would love to see it." Says IAB President Steve Fossum. "However, I truly doubt it's out there. We viewed a lot of footage so far and can't see a single punch thrown, but we did indeed identify the three individuals who instigated the incident and we will be sending that footage to Oakland PD for their review. The only reason someone keeps saying punches were thrown in my opinion is to try and get these officers in more trouble. they are already in enough trouble for their actions so why someone keeps wanting to MAKE-UP such mystery footage is beyond me."

Well, it's just not there. We too saw the footage, over and over again, in slow motion, pausing it, looking at individuals shoulders, reactions to movement, and we just don't see any punching at all... What the footage does clearly show are three individuals that were identified the night of the event as Oakland Police Officers. "Myself and the promoters would like to be told they are NOT Oakland PD, but several have stepped in and reconfirmed they are." Said Fossum. "I think we would all like to believe they are not but as the saying goes, 'it is what it is."

The whole thing started after Larry Ward, a guard at California Medical Facility (CMF) had fought Casey Johnson of the Oakland Police Department. Although no decision had been announced, it was clear who had won. Oakland PD's crowd is seen on the footage chanting to Ward, "You aint S#$%" over and over. After about 30 plus seconds of this Ward came to the ring ropes, sat on them and motioned with his hand for them to come into the ring. At this moment, a tall (About 6'3"), very short haired African American man wearing a white button up shirt, who had been taunting Ward all night, pointing at his watch, telling Ward something like, "your time is coming" rushed the ring. (This moment and the individual can be seen on some of the YouTube footage currently posted now.) Several of his friends grabbed him and stopped him, but what he did, started the main ruckus.

Quickly after this he was seen on the video in the middle of the ruckus with two other individuals. A shorter, stocky African American man with a white and multi color plaid shirt on who wasn't afraid to drop the F-bomb on several other Officers who were trying to calm him down, including the event promoter and other fellow Oakland Police Officers, and another African American man with a light colored derby style hat on and a white shirt.

The IAB has photos of these individuals but was asked to hold off on posting them until 10:AM Tomorrow if at all. The reason for this timeline in confidential but what we can say is that it has something to do with the legal issues involved here.

If the Badge Vs Badge Promoters are told they cannot promote another event by the California State Athletic Commission because of this incident, it would be a great injustice simply because "They did nothing wrong."

They hired the security asked of them by the venue and they had nothing to do with the incident at the end of the night. Many have been Monday morning quarterbacks saying "They should have had more security" but heck, even those saying it thought as everyone did, "Who needs more security when you have a room full of law enforcement?"

Regardless of where this whole thing ends up, the press has actually helped Badge Vs Badge company. This event is now known across the Nation. This story has been on every news outlet from the local stations here in Sacramento to CNN pretty much every day since it started! We here at the IAB have been getting calls and e-mails about it from all across the USA. However, if the promoters are blamed in any way for the end of the night ruckus, the 3 individuals the IAB has visually identified from the video footage could face legal charges for their future losses as promoters along with what criminal action they could have to deal with.

"The video speaks for itself here." said Fossum. "KCRA Channel 3 has footage of the entire incident from start to finish and not only can they see no punches were thrown, which is the only thing in favor of these individuals identified, but you can also see and hear that those involved clearly ignored the requests to stop by the in house security and others. 'In that moment,' they obviously didn't think the law applied to them."

It will be interesting to see what happens next, but chances are, we won't hear anything new until next week since the IAB will be at their South Pacific Conference from Thursday till next Tuesday... Don't keep us waiting...


International Fight Sports

IKF Kickboxing - ISCF MMA - IAB Boxing

IKF Australia is hosting the 2010 International Fight Sports South Pacific Conference this Friday, May 28th. The Conference will feature a Judge & Referee's "Officials" course on Friday at 6.30 PM sharp at MOVEMENTS HEALTH CLUB, 2nd Floor, Cnr Ipswich Rd & Cornwall St, Buranda, Brisbane Qld, Australia.

International Fight Sports (IFS - www.ifightsports.com) President & CEO Steve Fossum (Right) will officiate the certification courses with IKF South Pacific Representative Kru Robert Wilesmith. (Left)

ALL Trainers, Fighters, Promoters & the general public are invited to attend. "We are looking for fully certified official's for the future of the fight sports of Kickboxing, MMA and Boxing here in the South Pacific." Wilesmith says. The course will focus on officials already having a minimum fight experience as judges & referee's.

Also on the schedule will be discussions with event promoters and discussions about event scheduling. Fossum and Wilesmith will also be meeting with future event promoters, sponsors and media groups throughout the weekend. This will be a short trip for Fossum who will be back at the IFS Headquarters in California on Tuesday, June 1st as they gear up for the 12th Annual IKF World Classic Amateur Kickboxing & Muay Thai Tournament. which has it's first of 5 registration Deadlines next Friday, June 4th.

For bookings, please call Kru Robert Wilesmith on Mobile: (041) 647-1511 or email at ikfaustralia@hotmail.com


IKF/ISCF South Pacific Representative Kru Robert Wilesmith will next be travelling to Auckland New Zealand (4th-8th June) to meet up with MuayThai Kickboxing & MMA Promoters and Representatives there to spread the word about the Fight Sports under the IFS Banner. He is looking for Representatives for both South & North Islands of New Zealand.

"It's a great opportunity to meet & greet the martial arts industry in New Zealand." Says Wilesmith. "At present, MMA has no regulated Sanctioning Body to coordinate the rules, regulations or sanction legitimate Titles there. I want to bring the World's First and Largest Sanctioning Bodies to New Zealand & open up the doors for opportunities for fighters to travel the World to fight the World's best".

In the past, Wilesmith has personally trained & promoted New Zealand legend Hiriwa "Te Man" Te Rangi to many titles, including Comminwealth & Intercontinental, as well as a World Title, beating former Dutch legend Frank Lobman by KO in Invercargill. The invitation is there for any & all Trainers, Fighters, Promoters & fans to attend the New Zealand conference in Auckland. For further inquiries those interested can contact Wilesmith at: 61 41 6471511 (International) (041) 647-1511 (Aust only) or by e-mail at ikfaustralia@hotmail.com

"Lets get New Zealander's fighting around the world, & bring the World's Best to New Zealand to Fight!
Don't forget, 4th to 8th of June in Auckland New Zealand

MONDAY, MAY 24th, 2010, 12:10: PM/PST

IAB Officials To Review Footage From
Crowd Incident Today

Later today the IAB Commission Officials will be reviewing video footage of the incident that occurred at the end of the BADGE VS BADGE event at the Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USA this past Friday night. What the IAB will be looking for is a more clear description as to who may have turned the event from a verbal shouting match between CMF Prison Guards and members of the Oakland Police Department. The IAB has already confirmed at ringside the night of the incident that members of the Oakland Police Department were the ones who instigated the incident after it was clear to everyone their fighter, Casey Johnson of the Oakland Police Department was defeated by Larry Ward, a guard at California Medical Facility (CMF) in Vacaville California.

Despite what news agencies have been reporting, here are some facts already known;

  1. There were "NO" Punches thrown.
  2. This incident DID NOT Shut the event down. This happened after the LAST bout of the night and the event was basically already over.
  3. NO CHAIRS were thrown towards the incident. A YouTube video of the incident shows a chair being tossed aside as an individual tried to clear his way towards the action to stop it.
  4. This incident was NO FAULT of the event Promoters.
    If anything, the event promoters went above and beyond to assure this event had the proper sanctioning (IAB) and oversight for the rules and regulations (California State Athletic Commission) as well as the security required by the venue.

According to the IAB, the temporary ban placed on the Oakland Police Department had more to do with those members who were in the audience at the event and not necessarily the Oakland Police Department boxers who participated in it. However, if these fighters are going to have fans that "Clearly Instigate" such incidents, than the IAB says they will no longer allow them to participate on IAB Sanctioned events.

The investigation today will determine whether or not the IAB can determine WHO brought the incident to a "Physical" level with a push of another individual. They will also be listening to the comments and other actions surrounding the incident to help make a confirmed decision as to where the blame should be put. In addition, the IAB plans to work with both agencies to confirm names of individuals who ignored announcements to stop and sit down.

"We are handling this incident the exact same way Oakland PD, or any law enforcement agency would do if they were us and had tried to break up the same such incident." Said IAB Commission President Steve Fossum. "What we have here are individuals who ignored authority and acted as their own law, and we plan to pursue this just as they would. Just because they are law enforcement individuals does not mean they are above the law. However, this is how they acted during the incident. If the video shows any kind of physical assault, no matter how light, charges could indeed be filed against them."

Fossum also stated that the IAB is not against Oakland PD saying, "This was an incident where a few bad apples have made their department look bad in the publics eye. This should in no way reflect on the overall integrity of those fine officers and associates of the Oakland police Department. This is why we want to narrow this down to make clear who was involved in this."

He also noted that associates of CMF-Vacaville are not all innocent or ignored in this investigation. "There were quite a few fans and or associates of CMF that kept crowding up at ringside after being told to sit down over and over again. Who knows, if those associated with CMF stayed in their seats, this may have never happened."

The CMF fans and associates had moved from their chairs up to the side of the ring where their boxer Larry Ward's corner was which happened to be the very same side all the Oakland Police Department fans and members were sitting.

Oakland PD had already watched their other two fighters lose in earlier bouts so there was possibly a desired "Redemption" for their fighter Casey Johnson to beat Larry Ward. This too could have been a heated factor leading up to the incident.

Once the video review and discussion is over the IAB hopes to make a more clear determination as to where to move next in the incident. "Our goal is to be able to lift the overall ban on the Oakland Police Department and focus more on the actual individuals involved in the incident." Says Fossum.

A lot of the decision will be based upon how willing both agencies are to help out. "This will not be allowed to be a situation where we simply let the agencies discipline their own." Said Fossum. "I don't know of any law enforcement agency that allows any other group to do as such no matter how important they are. Can you imagine a law enforcement agency telling the leader of a street gang, 'Discipline this guy we caught assaulting this guy...' I mean lets be serious here. Sadly, some of these officers may have to witness what the other side of that badge feels like for their misconduct and failure to respond to the venue authority, that made a lot of fight fans unhappy that night."

The IAB next findings will be posted here soon...

SATURDAY, MAY 22nd, 2010, 10:45: PM/PST


Photos Courtesy of CSS Photos - www.CSSPhotoDesign.com

  • WHEN: Friday, May 21st, 2010
  • WHO: Stand Up Fighters
  • WHERE: Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USA
  • WHAT: IAB Amateur Boxing
    • Badge Vs. Badge - Law Enforcement And Firefighter Boxing
  • IAB Representative: Steve Fossum
  • All other officials appointed by the California State Athletic Commission
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Tom Gaffney at (916) 612-6865 or by e-mail at info@badgevsbadge.com
    or Mr. Gary Shurley at (916) 532-7065

It was a night of High Spirited PASSION as members from Law Enforcement and Fire Fighting agencies throughout California met toe to toe in the ring of battle to see who would be the BEST, BADGE VS BADGE!

A total of 19 bouts, three of them IAB BADGE VS BADGE Title fights brought out the Passion among the fans and members of the various agencies more than any fight event we have seen in years! This may have been the inaugural event for the new IAB Organization but it was one of Thousands that the International Fight Sports association has sanctioned since 1992.

For the critics, they may want to focus on the Passionate shoving match after the main event that pitted Top Boxer Larry Ward of CMF Prison against Casey Johnson of Oakland Police Department for the IAB BADGE VS BADGE Heavyweight Title. This was a long awaited rivalry among not just Ward and Johnson but among the many members of their agencies in attendance. When the final bell rang it was clear to everyone in the house that Ward had won all three rounds and was on his way to receiving the IAB BADGE VS BADGE Title Belt until an unhappy Oakland Police Department member got into a shoving match with a member of the CMF Prison fan club.

This was basically a shoving match with no punches thrown and no one ever going to the ground but it was clear to everyone in the room that passionate tempers rose up and brought associates of both agencies to the action. Due to their protocol the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) Officials (Judges, Referees, Inspectors & Timekeeper) left ringside when the shoving broke out. Because of this, there was no official announcement of the winner. So the IAB sent someone back to speak with the CSAC Scorekeeper for an official answer as to the decision. The decision was no surprise as Larry Ward was awarded the IAB BADGE VS BADGE Heavyweight Title by unanimous decision over Casey Johnson.

The win brings the 33 year old Ward's amateur record to 22-1 while the also 33 year old Johnson dropped to 8-3.

Due to the incident the IAB has placed a temporary suspension on the Oakland Police Department from competing on an IAB Sanctioned event until a full investigation of the incident is completed with the help of video taken during the event. After the video review there may be certain individuals of the Oakland police Department that could face fines and suspensions for their actions during the shoving incident.

Although the crowd action after the Ward vs Johnson bout may be the most talked about by some, there was plenty of other exciting action to be remembered on the night. On the 15th bout, Chuck Pfau of Citrus Heights California (4-0, 186, 5'11", 39, Sacramento Sheriffs Department) took home the first ever IAB Title Belt. Pfau took home the IAB California State Cruiserweight Title when he defeated Sonny Gerber of Pismo Beach, California (188, 6', 33, Grover Beach Police Department) by TKO at :33 seconds of round 1.

Pfau's trainer Nasser Niavaroni is no mystery to the International Fight Sports Kickboxing division, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation. Navaroni has been an IKF Hall of Fame trainer (1996) and has produced a vast number of IKF Kickboxing Champions. The most popular of them was Eric Regan of Citrus Heights California who won a host of Kickboxing Titles (World Champion, North American Champion, US Champion, California Champion) as well as Boxing Titles. Both Niavaroni and Regan were in Pfau's corner bringing him to victory.

Bout 18 was the quest for the IAB Badge Vs Badge Super Middleweight United States Title between Shay Burke of Petaluma, California (11-4, 162, 5'8", 30, Petaluma Fire Department) and Ricky Seward of Big Bear City, California (165, 5'10", 32, Big Bear City Fire Department). This bout went the distance and Shay Burke was crowned the new IAB Badge Vs Badge Super Middleweight Champion by unanimous decision.

Here are all the nights result in their bout order below.

  1. Wes Leffler (153, Ravondale Fire Station) defeated Joel Aylworth (150, Oakland Police Department) by unanimous decision.

  2. Craig Colosimo (175, CDC Mule Creek) defeated Stephen Odom (178, San Louis Obispo, Sheriff Department) by TKO at :57 seconds of round 3 due to injury. Odom injured his knee.

  3. Will DaSilva (162, Yolo County Sheriffs Department) defeated Jerry Ribeira (166, Oakland Police Department) by TKO at :59 seconds of round 1.

  4. Miguel Archan (169, Fresno Police Department) defeated Travis DeCampos (174, Sacramento Fire Department) by unanimous decision.

  5. Cijay Phakeovilay (177, VA Fresno Police) defeated Jason Cvitanov (172, Sacramento Sheriff's Department) by Split Decision.

  6. Kurt Thomas (172, Folsom Prison Guard) defeated Harpal Sing Doel (177, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department) by unanimous decision.

  7. Eddie Avila (168, Fresno County Probation) defeated Andrew Martinez (169, San Francisco Sheriffs Department) by unanimous decision.

  8. Greg Eisert (164, Vacaville Police Department) defeated John Palarca (167, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department) by TKO at 1:08 of round 2.

  9. Skye Leibee (173, Fresno police Department) defeated Jesse Arreola (169, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department) by TKO at :34 seconds of round 3.

  10. Ron Stot (Folsom, California, USA, 1-0, 183, 5'10", 36, California Highway Patrol, T: Richard Duran) defeated Robert Cordray (Galt, California, USA, 1-1, 179, Mule Creek Prison Guard, T: Greg Wherta) by TKO at 1:06 of round 1.

  11. Jesse Ruelas (Modesto, California, USA, 1-0, 220, 5'10", Stanislaus Sheriffs Department, T: Paul Mendoza) defeated Chris McElroy (Antelope, California, USA, 0-2, 213, 6', 34, 3-9-76, CSP Sacramento, T: Steve Leese) by split decision.

  12. Bryan Swindler (Lincoln, California, USA, 1-0, 180, 5'9", 53, CMF Prison Guard, T: Nasser Niavaroni) defeated Eric Angle (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 179, 6'2", 35, West Sacramento Police Department, T: Henry Rodriguez) by TKO due to injury at :16 seconds of round 1.
    Angle dislocated his shoulder.

  13. James Davis (Sacramento, California, USA, 1-0, 198, 5'10", 28, Folsom Prison Guard, T: Roy Gray) defeated James Tidwell (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 202, 5'8", 35, Sacramento Sheriffs Department, T: Horacio Barrera) by split decision.

  14. Francisco Flores (Modesto, California, 2-1, 140, 5'7", 24, Stanislaus Sheriffs Department, T: Ron Gibson) defeated Tim Strautman (Sacramento, California, USA, 0-1, 138, 5'5", 24, Sacramento Police Department, T: Self) by TKO at 1:14 of round 1.


    Chuck Pfau (Citrus Heights California, USA, 4-0, 186, 5'11", 39, Sacramento Sheriffs Department, T: Nasser Niavaroni) defeated Sonny Gerber (Pismo Beach, California, USA, 1-1, 188, 6', 33, Grover Beach Police Department, T: Eric Sandahl) by TKO at :33 seconds of round 1.

  16. James Dorris (Ione, California, USA, 11-4, 206, 6', 34, Folsom Police Department, T: Shon Moore) defeated Chad Nelson (Placerville, California, USA, 1-1, 273, 6'2", 38, Folsom Prison Guard, T: Rick Bryson) by TKO at :35 seconds of round 3.


    Joseph Cruz (Vallejo, California, USA, 1-0, 176, 5'8", 57, CMF Prison, Juan Lazcano) defeated Anthony Tran (Elk Grove, California, USA, 0-1, 179, 5'9", 51, CMF Prison, T: Steve Tran) by TKO at 38 seconds of round 1.


    Shay Burke (Petaluma, California, USA, 11-4, 162, 5'8", 30, Petaluma Fire Department, T: Richard Lopez) defeated Ricky Seward (Big Bear City, California, USA, 5-7, 165, 5'10", 32, Big Bear City Fire Department, T: Marcos) by unanimous decision.


    Larry Ward (Sacramento, California, USA, 22-1, 216, 6'2", 33, CMF Prison Guard, T: Greg Huerta) defeated Casey Johnson Oakland, California, USA, 8-3, 224, 6'1", 33, Oakland Police Department, T: Joel Saldana) by unanimous decision.

CSAC Referee Ray Baleweicz raises the hand
of new IAB Badge VS Badge Champion Larry Ward
as event emcee, former 3 Time Boxing World Champion
Tony "The Tiger" Lopez looks on.

IAB President Steve Fossum places the
IAB Badge VS Badge
US Super Middleweight Title belt around Champion
Shay Burke

Steve Fossum and Badge Vs Badge Promoters
Gary Shurley & Tom Gaffney
Pose with the new IAB Badge Vs Badge Champion, Shay Burke.

This was a Great beginning for both the IAB and the BADGE VS BADGE organization! BADGE VS BADGE Promoters Tom Gaffney & Gary Shurley should be proud of what they have established as well as accomplished for Law Enforcement and Firefighters as they make plans now to not only host another event soon but also bring the BADGE VS BADGE promotion to other areas of California as well as across the United States.

This was clearly the start of something big with a successful promotional team that not only sold out the seated tickets but also sold all the standing room only space. Of the 19 bouts that took place, there could have easily been double that amount and because of that, this could easily become a two day event in the future. No matter what the plans are, and no matter how "Exaggerated" the stories are (Some news channels claim "Punches thrown" when NONE were!) about the shoving match was at the end of the event, BADGE VS BADGE is a success that has a bright future ahead. Knowing all this, you don't want to miss the next event!

For more info please contact Tom Gaffney at (916) 612-6865 or Gary Shurley (916) 532-7065 or check out the website at BADGE VS BADGE

FRIDAY, MAY 21st, 2010, 4:00 PM/PST


Stand Up Fighters Presents
"Badge VS Badge"
Sacramento, California, USA

  • WHEN: Friday, May 21st, 2010
  • WHO: Stand Up Fighters
  • WHERE: Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, California, USA
  • WHAT: IAB Amateur Boxing
    • Badge Vs. Badge - Law Enforcement And Firefighter Boxing
  • IAB Representative: Steve Fossum
  • All other officials appointed by the California State Athletic Commission
  • IKF PROMOTER: Mr. Tom Gaffney at (916) 612-6865
    or Mr. Gary Shurley at (916) 532-7065

After the Official weigh-ins earlier today the first IAB Sanctioned event will include 19 Amateur Boxing bouts. Of them, there will be 3 IAB "Badge VS Badge" title fights. Look for the complete story and results tomorrow!

FRIDAY, MAY 7th, 2010, 2:20 PM/PST

Welcome To The IAB

It is with great pride that International Fight Sports ( IFS - www.IFightSports.com ) has now launched two more Fight Sport Sanctioning bodies. These new bodies are for the sanctioning and regulating of both Pro and Amateur Boxing. For Professional Boxing IFS has launched the IAB, International Association of Boxing and for Amateur Boxing they have launched the IAB, International Amateur Boxing. Both can be found at the web address www.IABProAmBoxing.com.

IFS is the parent company of the Largest Kickboxing sanctioning body in the world, the IKF, International Kickboxing Federation ( www.IKFKickboxing.com ) and the First ever and Largest Mixed Martial Arts ( MMA ) Sanctioning body in the world, the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation ( www.ISCFMMA.com )

Their success in the fight sports of MMA and Kickboxing makes the new IAB Organizations far more serious contenders in the boxing sanctioning world than other "start-up" from scratch alphabet soup sanctioning bodies that the sport of boxing is already exposed to.

Both IAB organizations will feature many of the same things on their website that has made the IKF and ISCF the leaders in their sports. Such aspects include a detailed list of ranked fighters, up to date news, events and event results along with many other things that will include titles as small as State Titles up to World Titles for both Amateur and Professional Boxing.

No stranger to the fight game, the IKF was formed in 1992 while the ISCF was formed in 1999. Between the two they sanction and regulate around 700 Fight Sport events a year around the world.

IAB VS USA Boxing... Already Some Drama...

When the news was announced about the new IAB Amateur organization, word spread fast. What started out to be an organization focused on fighters not wanting to be a part of the USA Boxing Olympic system quickly changed after so many fighters and trainers urged the IAB to re-think about directly competing with USA Boxing because of so many negative aspects they were being told about USA Boxing. Word of the new IAB spread so fast that strong supporters of USA Boxing put the pressure on the ABC, Association of Boxing Commissions to actually send the IAB Amateur division a threatening letter.

The letter basically "Threatened" the new IAB Amateur Division to NOT sanction Amateur Boxing, BEFORE the IAB even become public. If this letter was not enough to "Fuel The FIRE" of those behind the IAB Amateur Division, Nothing will be! The closing paragraph of the letter read;

"If you, the officers and directors of the IAB, or others affiliated with the IAB conduct such illegal activities in jurisdictions which do not permit the same, the ABC will lend its full support and assistance to each and every ABC member commission that may be effected; and, in addition, the ABC, itself, will seek to effectuate appropriate enforcement measures."

"Illegal Activities??" Where has the IAB EVER claimed or stated it would be a part of any "illegal activities?" Wasting no time in the attack, the IAB sent out a quick reply to those behind the letter and as of this writing there has been no reply. Probably because the threatening letter was so far out of line with false accusations about what the ABC "Thought" the IAB was going to do, the reply by the IAB simply set the facts straight.

What the ABC letter has done now is spark controversy in the world of Amateur Boxing, or at least here in the USA. USA Boxing DOES NOT have a MONOPOLY in EVERY USA State. In fact the IAB has been ENCOURAGED to submit rules and regulations to SEVERAL States that are not at all happy with the work of USA Boxing and these states are very eager to have "Another Choice" for AMATEUR Boxers to fight under. No one reading this needs anyone here to express the many complaints that many state commissions as well as trainers and fighters have been making about USA Boxing for years now. Some states such as California actually had to ban USA Boxing from sanctioning events until they made some necessary changes. These are the problems with USA Boxing or anyone for that matter having a "MONOPOLY" on something.

"How is an organization's ethics and integrity, let alone fairness and other aspects judges when there is no other choice or competition to be judged against?"

This is what happens when you have a "Monopoly" such as USA Boxing doing "As they PLEASE." The IAB AMATEUR Division is a "SANCTIONING BODY", NOT A "PROMOTIONAL COMPANY" as the ABC letter implied. The goal of the IAB is to regulate safety and fairness for amateur boxers and amateur boxing events, "Where they are allowed to."

To Focus on that last comment, just like in Amateur Kickboxing and Amateur MMA these sports are regulated in various ways;
*Some states regulate these sports with their State Commissions.
*Some states have appointed 1 or several amateur sanctioning bodies to regulate these sports.
*And the most RIDICULOUS of decisions for the Amateur Athletes, Some states have sadly banned them.

The IAB is well aware that many states have stood by the "Monopoly" of USA Boxing. Surly USA Boxing would like to use a different word, however, the word "Monopoly" is not meant to be offensive, simply a fact;
MONOPOLY: A government-granted monopoly (also called a "de jure monopoly") is a form of coercive monopoly by which a government grants exclusive privilege to a private individual or firm to be the sole provider of a good or service; potential competitors are excluded from the market by law, regulation, or other mechanisms of government enforcement.

Some states have choose not to have USA Boxing as their only allowed Sanctioning Body to Regulate Amateur Boxing. It is within these states that the IAB will begin working and expand from them. In such states, as the IKF and ISCF have operated, the IAB would safely regulate amateur boxing events.

However, although the state of California has appointed USA Boxing to regulate Amateur Boxing, some promoters are so against using USA Boxing that they would rather the State Athletic Commission in association with the IAB Sanction the event and some of their title fights. Such is the case with the IAB's first official event.

Badge Vs Badge - ( www.badgevsbadge.com ) is an event for law enforcement and fire fighters and will kick off the IAB Amateur division (International Amateur Boxing) on Friday, May 21st at the Radisson Hotel Ballroom in Sacramento, California. This is sure to be the beginning of something new and exciting for Amateur Boxing.

The IAB Pro Division has yet to confirm their start date but have been speaking with a lot of promoters around the world who already heard about the IAB Pro Division long before this article.

Regardless of when things get going, the past history of the IKF and ISCF through the works of those behind International Fight Sports is enough to prove to anyone that both the amateur and professional divisions of the IAB should be taken very seriously and is surly a fresh new choice with Integrity and Ethics for a sport that has been looking for something fresh for some time now.

Welcome To The IAB!

Past IAB News - Click Here